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"A heart in boundless intimacy & endless gratitude is enlightenment itself".

Zen Teachings on Embodying Boundless Intimacy and Ungraspable Enlightenment in Everyday Life.



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Japanese Kanji for Heart

Kanji for HeartmindKokoro Bamboo Brushwork & Poetry by Dr. Bonnici

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Christianity and Buddhism.

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Hlleo, I have just joined today.

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Hello, just joined :)

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Evolution in an Instant

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Just about ME

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Can anyone recommend a good book

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On Individualistic Spirituality

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On The Origin Of Flight

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a hiccup

Posted by Greg Anderson on July 2, 2009 at 5:22pm — 2 Comments

Moon Mind Images

Love is the Sword of
Wholeness. It Cuts off
All Separateness And
Makes Us ONE.

Love is the Sword of Truth and Compassion
Kanji for Love

Wandering, Not-Knowing
Where We Go, Yet Never
Leaving Our True Home.
Never leaving our True Home
Kanji for Journey

Japanese Kanji & Poetry
By Dr. Bonnici

Bamboo are the bones of our life.


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Started by Ꮙℓἇ∂ἇ ኔጡ። in Dr. Bonnici's Question on Spiritual Practice. Last reply by Ꮙℓἇ∂ἇ ኔጡ። May 28, 2010.

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Only Moment Body

Only Moment Body is the root of the Bodhi tree. Our five senses are a Great Round Mirror bright. Resting intimately in our Wisdoming Core, no speck of knowing, ego-self, or knowledge alights."

Dr. Bonnici © May 2007


Jizo Bodhisattva embodies the aspiration to save all beings from suffering. He is the guardian of expectant mothers and travelers. Most of all, he is the protector of deceased children, including miscarried, aborted or stillborn infants.

Bamboo are the bones of our life.

About the Creation of this Spiritual Community

Aloha & Welcome!

zen meditation.View Global Trademarks & Intellectual Copyrights zen meditation.



I am a 75 year old  Master Zen Teacher and Counselor with a Doctorate in Humanistic Dept Psychology. I received my doctoral degree in 1978 from Saybrook University in San Francisco, California. Over the last 40 years, it has been my joyful and passionate calling to provide somatic training and growth counseling in Applied Meditation Therapy®, lead Zen meditation practice groups in California and Hawaii, and give public talks and bodymind skill workshops on living meditation as the core wisdoming process of everyday life.

       In 1996, I created ZenDoctor.Com to promote greater public awareness of Applied Meditation Therapy and to globally extend my teachings as a humanistic counselor and a Zen Roshi to the global Internet community. Also, since the creation of my website, I have been providing Telephone & Video Counseling & Training to people worldwide. While working on my second book entitled Zen Intimacy, I continue to write articles in Europe and America on spiritual growth, optimum wellness, behavioral wisdom, compassionate action and peak human embodiment.

Purpose of The Community

      As an extension of my worldwide teaching, training and counseling, I am happy to introduce this spiritual network community. Here people from all around the world can learn about living from their Only Moment Body of enlightenment and the bright wisdoming of their core Self.  

      On my online community you have access to my audio talks, written teachings, poetry, and inspirational videos. I encourage you to put into daily practice the skills and principles outlined in my Audio Talks, Published Articles and Waymarkers. You can access these from the menu line above or at my central teaching site at ZenDoctor.Com.

      This Online Community is also a safe place where you can openly dialogue about your spiritual and meditation life journey. Here, you can support each other by practicing sincerity, authenticity, and compassion as you express your thoughts and feelings on living meditation, mindfulness, faith body, and the farther reaches of human nature.

      I encourage you to share your experiences, comments, and questions with integrity, humility and beginner's heartmind, for these are the true hallmarks of your core Self and the wisdoming of your Only Moment Body before attainment or gain. 


Appropriate Use & Together Action

      The fundamental purpose of this online community is to provide a contained refuge and a safe haven for spiritual fellowship and honest inner journeying. As such, it is not an appropriate space to market or advertise products or other websites and social networks with embedded audios, videos, photo albums, or rss feed aggregators.

      I appreciate everyone honoring these parameters so that together we can nourish and sustain the deep inner refuge and upright spiritual container that this online community represents.


Invite Others to Join this Community

If you know anyone who would benefit from our
community fellowship and my Zen teachings
please encourage them to join.


With blessings and one bow,

Dr. Andrew Shugyo Daijo Bonnici
Founding Teacher & Network Administrator

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Namu Kanzeon Butsu
Our Way is to Stand on No-Ground and Embrace this Moment.
Meditation and Breathing are Like Two Arrows Meeting in Midair!

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While My Guitar Gently Weeps (The Beatles) - excerpt - [Fingerstyle Guitar Covers]

busking performance of an arrangement in progress of « While My Guitar Gently Weeps » originally released by The Beatles on the White Album, and written by George Harrison. ❤ thank you for your support ! ❤ § you're invited to subscribe to the ★…
Sep 2
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Now is the time for all Peaceful Warriors to come to the Aid of their Country and the World as a Whole.

Dear Family, Friends, Students, And Colleagues,Now is the time for all Peaceful Warriors to come to the Aid of their Country and the World as a Whole.Below is my Zen teaching on how to passionately live as a Peaceful Warrior of Boundless Intimacy. May it inspire and guide you to embody the peace, love, compassion, wisdom, stillness, and courage of your core-Self wherever…See More
Jul 21
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"a very good post ! great work !"
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One Of A Kind

Essentially written in one day in March 2013, « One Of A Kind » is an upbeat folk pop summer song about meeting someone who turns out to have special significance in one's life, and eventually becoming so close as to form a kind of unit with them.Ultimately, it's also about how every encounter, whether apparently desirable or otherwise, actually contributes to one's growth and to finding one's place in the grand scheme of things. Here are the lyrics :verse 1i was lonely you were alone silent…See More
Jun 9
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tell me i did not dive in way too deep and that i will find the relief i seek when bells toll the time to jump off the peak say that there will be faith to take the leapalthough i've walked the path of oracles and seen you've kept the oath you'd said you'd keep when the fruits will be close enough to reap will i really believe in miraclesdid your plan really include that last turn or did i miss a lesson on the road will there some day be nothing more to learnnot knowing the cost in merit to…See More
May 5
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RETREAT AT HOME AND PRACTICE ZENMay we practice tenderly and mindfully moving from one activity, situation, and relationship to the next with a caring, open, and courageous heart. May we daily practice simply being the body of original faith that is far beyond our differing mental beliefs. May we all see the illusory and dysfunctional nature of our endless blaming,…See More
Apr 10
Christopher Stewart commented on Dr. Bonnici's blog post MENTAL HEALTH WELLNESS TIPS FOR QUARANTINE
"interesting... thanks for sharing ! aloha ! and best wishes ! :o)"
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Zen Meditation And Mindfulness While Sheltering-At-Home

While Sheltering At Home, whether you are alone or with family or friends, recover the still healing power of your core-Self. Reclaim the experiences of ease, joy, faith, and trust in each moment. Relieve the unhealthy and harmful effects of increased levels of stress, anxiety, and fear. Restore the healthy balance of your everyday life while facing your own vulnerability…See More
Apr 6

Teaching, inspiration and guidance for the beginning of our 2010 journey around the Sun.


Beginner's Heartmind

(Copyrights © Dr. Bonnici January 5, 2010)

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Shoshin is a Japanese term that means 'beginner’'s heartmind'. Shoshin is exactly the heartmind of playfulness, wonder, faithfulness and childlike curiosity. It is exactly this Only Moment Body of simplicity, naturalness and spontaneity. Beginner'’s heartmind rests in the effortless authenticity of stone, bark and earth. Shoshin is the life force of joyful wildness that is exhibited by all young creatures of sea and land. All the Ancients who practiced the original body of meditation have proclaimed this beginner’'s heartmind as truthfully present, immeasurably deep, and endlessly profound. Our sincere intention in living meditation as the Way of the Ancients is to simply be the joyful playfulness, wondrous clarity and profound wisdoming of our original heartmind, our beginner’'s heartmind, that is exactly this Only Moment Body.

When we first dedicate our life to practicing meditation as beginner'’s heartmind, we vow to live this Only Moment Body as the Way of openness, clarity, compassion, and bright wisdoming. To arouse this vow of beginner'’s heartmind is to arouse the deep intention to embody the Way of Only Moment Body and listen to the calling of Vast Wisdoming from within. The constant practice of being this only moment and listening to the Way of Vast Wisdoming is called 'beginner's Way-seeking heartmind'.

Beginner’'s Way-seeking heartmind is not looking to find the Way, but rather confidently being, doing and listening to the Way of Oneness and Vast Wisdoming in this Only Moment Body. As endless beginners, we listen and respond to our deep inner calling so that we may continue to live in accordance with the vast wisdoming of our core Self, our true nature and the unique unfolding of our life moment by moment.

Beginner’'s heartmind means to just be our Only Moment Body while practicing deep listening and felt intimacy with the Oneness of a Vast Wisdoming that is beyond our ego-self and thinking mind, beyond our grasping and pushing away, and beyond the duality of life and death.

When we listen deeply with confidence, clarity and openness to the guidance of Vast Wisdoming and the emergence of our inner calling, we become ever intimate with the three joyful marks of our beginner’s heartmind.

The first clear mark of beginner'’s heartmind manifests as the joyful zazen practice of being this Only Moment Body while molting off self-preoccupation, endless grasping, mental agitation, frantic activity and driven behavior.

The second clear mark of beginner’'s heartmind manifests as the joyful zazen practice of being this Only Moment Body while shedding self-doubt, vanity, defensiveness, ignorance, self-delusion, anxiety and fear.

The third clear mark of beginner’'s heartmind manifests as the joyful practice of satiating all our desires in the silence and stillness of zazen meditation while arising as this Only Moment Body to engage the unfolding of our life journey with passion, vitality, joy and caring for all sentient beings.

These three marks of beginner'’s heartmind help us to live from the compassionate wisdoming of our True Nature while nourishing a wondrous openness, confident readiness and wholehearted presence to meet the challenges of our everyday life with creativity, faith, integrity and courage.

With Blessings and Gassho,

Dr. Bonnici

Shugyo Daijo-roshi




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Wisdoming Compassion


Kannon, also known as Kwan Yin in Chinese, is "she who hears the suffering of humanity and responds with compassion". She is the embodiment of the loving compassion that is within all human beings, just as they are, just as IT is.

Kannon Verse

"Every morning our thoughts Are on Kannon. Every evening our thoughts are on Kannon. Each moment is exactly the arising of her Compassion Body. The vastness of Time and Space is exactly the infinite embrace of her nurturing Womb."

Bamboo are the bones of our life.

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